July 30, 2015 by Michelle Vitagliano

The Best Phone Service for Your Business

It’s never too late to implement a business phone system, but it’s even better to do it from the start, especially if you have just appeared on the market. For a business, it’s very important to be able to communicate properly with the customers, vendors and everyone involved. To be able to phonesdo this, you will need to have a good business phone system, because going to the store and buying a simple phone is not enough.

That choice you can make when you are on your own and you are the only employee. However, things can change especially if you have more employees and you also plan to expand your business in the future. Today it doesn’t matter what you do as a business, because everyone needs this system for a better communication.

Here is how you can find a good system and what you need to consider when you go for this.

The Profile of the Equipment

When you realize that you need a business phone system, it’s also best to make a small list that you have to consider when acquiring the said system. Think about the number of the employees that you have now and the number that you plan to have over a short period of time – in the near future. You also have to consider if you or your employees need to see the caller ID, img_phonespeakerphone options, one-touch dialing or if conferencing facilities are needed. Another important aspect is represented by the overseas calls or if your employees can work from the comfort of their homes.

For all these features and if you think that you business will grow, a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) can be the best choice. For a smaller business, you can also choose a KSU – Key System Unit. However, when you need more than simple voice calls, neither the KSU nor the VOIP is enough, so you will need to go for the ISDN.

Landline vs. VOIP

Many businesses use more than VOIP, as this remains only for international and long distance calls only. You can use the VOIP for free calls over the internet, only if you pay for mobile data Business-phone-services-canadaand broadband plans. It can be used to call directly on PCs and tablets, if you have employees that work remotely from home. This system offers bonuses for international calls and it can be used for conference calls and teleconferencing. Lately, there have been developed different phone equipments that can be used as both a landline phone and also a VOIP handset.

However, the VOIP is not recommended as the quality of the call over the internet is decreased, especially due to routing it. It won’t work if you don’t have an internet connection, but it also represents an open gate for some viruses that can attack your computer and also your business, making you vulnerable. Apart from this, the calls will be free as long as you call in the same ‘network’, meaning the same VOIP service provider.

You need to find the right phone system for your business, and choosing with care will lead you to this.

The Checklist

Once you have decided that you need such a system, you also need to understand that your needs might change in the future. You need to assess what you will do when this happens and how will you handle it.

banner3-imgThink about the call volume and if this can change in the future. Apart from this, when you choose your system, consider if you have a stable connection for using a VOIP system, or if you will go with the standard landline system. Think about the hardware and software that you want for your business phone system and if you can combine them with the existing equipment. Consider each feature of the system carefully, as some of them can surely improve the workflow and communication.